Saturday, January 23, 2010

மைக்ரோசாப்ட் ஆபீஸ் 2010 பேட்டா

Installation Experience

The videos on 2010 Beta looked good. They were focused on explaining how Office helps real life people with their projects and lives.

Being the curious that I am, I dutifully downloaded 2010 Professional Plus Beta. The download was smooth. In fact, I like the new download ActiveX add-on.

The installation went really fast till it reached around 85%. Then the progress bar did not move for a time. When I checked the CPU activity, I noticed that it was quite active. My dual core processor even reached 100% utilization at times.

I choose to keep my previous copy of Office 2007 during this install. Providing this option was thoughtful of Microsoft.

The installation added the new beta software to existing Microsoft Office group. I don't care for it. If I select 'Keep existing version', I expect that group to be left alone. Creating a Microsoft Office 2010 group would have been my preference.

A Word

Just like Acrobat, the flash screen shows the modules (building blocks) that are loaded as part of startup process. Unlike Acrobat, this is a fast process.

Not seeing the big 'Office Button' as in Office 2007 is a relief. It was more of an eye sore anyways. It has been replaced by File menu.

The task bar icon has been revamped and I like it.

Trying to open Word 2007 after opening Word 2010 initiated reconfiguration of Word 2007. Closing and reopening 2010 initiated reconfiguration of Word 2010. These (re)configurations take approximately 1 minute each. This sure is going to annoy me to no end.

I tried to enter this blog using MS-Word. It could not register my account. This is the same issue I faced with MS-Word 2007. So, I tried to register my Blogger account from MS-Word. No luck there either.

I don't care for the term 'Building Blocks' that is replacing the term 'Templates'. Even though it is technically correct, it sure is going to confuse the masses.

When Office 2007 came, the office ribbon was a big hit. Office 2010 has sucked the color out of this bar. It looks gray and pale. I know it won’t' change for RTM. What were they thinking? When I figure out how to bring back color to the menu, I will post it.

Things to explore further (note to self):
- The 'Restrict Editing' menu option under 'Review' menu sounds interesting. This may not be that much different from Office 2007.
- The PDF (PDF/A) format is now standard. You don't have to download any add-on. There is more optimization for file size as part of 'Save As' menu.
- There seems to be a better integration with 'Office Live' from the File menu.

Live long and prosper. :-)

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